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Interacting with Government Employees for Contractors Working with Contrqactors: What You Need to Know These Q&As begin with a discussion of several aspects of "the revolving door," i.e., the movement of personnel between the Government and Government contractors (and those who represent them). Example: An agency employee served as administrative contracting officer on a $25,000,000 contract with ABC Company. They do not, however, apply to behind-the-scenes work for a contractor or other person.

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The revolving door in the contracting area has been the subject of a fair amount of attention, both historiy and also more recently, for example, with the prosecutions arising from the matter involving Air Force procurement. §§ 2635.601 - 2635.606, and the Procurement Integrity Act. Shortly after he retired from Government, ABC approached him about working as a consultant on a different contract with a different agency. § 207, that imposes several restrictions that could apply to a former employee who worked on contract matters but did not actually serve in any of the contracting roles or perform any of the contracting functions desnated in the Procurement Integrity Act. A lifetime ban on representing any other person before the Government on the same "particular matter involving specific parties," such as a contract, in which the former employee participated for the Government; the former employee may have participated personally and substantially in a contract, under this provision, without actually serving in any of the specific contracting roles or performing any of the specific functions or decisions desnated in the Procurement Integrity Act.

Subpart 3.11—Preventing Personal Conflicts of Interest for.

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As set out below, the Questions are divided into three subs: current Government employees seeking future employment with contractors; former Government employees working for or on behalf of contractors; and former contractor employees now working in the Government. Seeking Future Employment Employees who work on contract matters or who have contact with contractor employees sometimes may consider the possibility of going to work for a contractor. § 208, Office of Government Ethics (OGE) implementing regulations at 5 C. This is an area that has received considerable attention recently, not only from the media and Congress but also from Federal prosecutors. § 208, an employee may not participate in any particular Government matter that would affect the financial interests of any contractor (or other person) with which the employee is negotiating, or has an arrangement, for future employment. PDF It is important to remember that this criminal prohibition applies to all particular matters that would have a direct and predictable effect on the financial interest of the prospective employer. Even though his duties for the company would not involve any contact with his former agency, the former employee may not accept compensation as a consultant for ABC for one year after he last served as administrative contracting officer on the ABC contract. Quite apart from the Procurement Integrity Act, there is a criminal statute, 18 U. Example: An employee participated in evaluating the performance of a contractor, but did not serve in any of the positions or perform any of the functions or make any of the decisions described in 41 U. Example: See the Example following Question 6 above.

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Subpart 3.11—Preventing Personal Conflicts of Interest for.

There are several laws and rules that govern employees who seek future employment, or receive employment overtures from, contractors: 18 U. See OGE DAEOgram DO-04-029, available at: DO-04-029--Seeking-Employment. Although it may be possible for an employee to receive a waiver of this prohibition, OGE gives hehtened scrutiny to proposed waivers in this situation, and waivers for employment negotiations should be issued only in compelling circumstances. In contrast, as discussed below, related provisions of the Procurement Integrity Act apply only to certain kinds of procurements and certain specific kinds of official activities in connection with those procurements. Note also that a current or former Government employee may not disclose contractor bid or proposal information or source selection information before the award of the procurement contract. Section 207 also has a two-year ban on representing another person before the Government on the same contract (or other particular matter involving specific parties) that was pending under the official responsibility of the former employee during his last year of Government service; the former employee need not have participated at all in the contract, so long as the matter was in his chain of supervision.VA Ethical Standards - Washington State Executive Ethics.

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